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Welcome to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Hopefully this will answer any questions you may have about our products. Contact us here if you have any more questions.

What does the Tube Clean System consist of?

The tube system consists of a pneumatic launcher, two adapter rings, a set of nozzles and a high flow quick coupler, operational technical manual in a lockable carry case. 

What air pressure is required to operate the system?

Just normal workshop air pressure of 85psi or 150ps, or from a portable source. 

What are the nozzles used for?

To guide the projectiles into the hose, tube or pipe to be cleaned.

How do you select the correct size projectile for the job?

By using the size selecting chart on the lid of the carry case or in the manual. If neither are available choose a projectile approximately 20% larger than the ID of the hose, tube or pipe to be cleaned. 

Will the projectile go though 90, 180 and 360 deg bends?


How far will the projectiles travel in a hose, tube or pipe?

The projectiles will keep going as long as you keep the volume of air behind the projectile constant. In past tests the projectiles have traveled for more than 3kms. 

Will the projectile go though valves?

Yes, but only though ball and gate type valves.

Will the projectile go though T sections?

Yes, as long as you follow the rules laid out in the operations manual. 

What if the projectiles get stuck?

Place the launcher without a projectile on the other end of the hose, tube or pipe and fire the launcher. This will remove the projectile.

Problem Solving For User

Projectile remains lodged in hose, tube, pipe or assembly:

  • To clear projectile operate unit from other end without using a projectile; then
  • Check hose, tube or pipe for leaks, holes, breakages etc.
  • Check restrictions in line, i.e contraction from 10mm to 5mm then expansion to 10mm
  • Check projectiles for tear marks
  • Check air pressure on air source
  • Check hose fittings from air source are correct
  • Consider using a smaller projectile.

Projectile will no enter hose, tube, pipe or assembly:

  • Try a smaller projectile. Check air pressure, as compression unit may not have built up sufficient pressure.
  • Make sure quick release coupling is correct size. (8mm minimum is required).
  • Operate unit from other end.
  • Ensure tube entry is not restricted from process of cutting.

CE Unit will no operate:

  • Check safety bar and release mechanism is locked into place.

Leaking air at hose, tube, pipe or assembly entry:

  • Hold unit firmly against hose, tube pipe or assembly to ensure proper seal

Contraction of two pipes into one:

  • Operate CE unit from one of two ends in the one continuing line.
  • Operate Ce unit from other end into the one continuing line. 

Nozzle does not fit into O ring on CE Unit easily:

  • Apply small amount of high grade petroleum jelly to O ring.

Cleaning of T-piece:

  • Operator must fire into a T-Piece. Block either end to clean each side. 

Trigger jams allowing air to escape:

  • Release quick release coupling.
  • Tap CE Unit lightly against solid object.