About Compri Tube Clean Technology

In close co-operation with Curtin University and the government, the Compri Tube Clean system, Contaminator Eliminator System (CES), began its development.

The early launchers and projectiles proved to have a major influence on hose, tube and pipe cleaning technology. The technologically advanced product range that offered a dry cleaning process for hose, tube and pipes, eliminating the need to use chemicals and solvent flushing. The initial market response was excellent, with major international enterprises committing to use the product for hydraulics and pneumatics. These included QANTAS, Caterpillar, Woodside and the Australian Defense Force. Contamination elimination systems traveled long distances though complex systems and was dry. This resulted in the benefits of significant reduction of cost and time in cleaning, improved product and process performance, elimination of solvents and toxic means of cleaning and less effluent.

Years of research and development and listening to our customers to address their needs fine tuned Compri Tube Clean's products to the high standard they are today. Compri spawned several competitors who have reversed engineered the product to produce imitations. Whilst many other companies attempt to copy the products of Compri Tube Clean, none can compare with the guaranteed quality of our products.

Innovation has always been at the root of Compri Tube Clean's success in the past and it will continue to be at critical support function in the future.



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